05 November 2007

Party week.

Big catch up post. Pumpkin carving at Matt and Teresa's.

Matt's was tech. It took him ages.

On the wall at 5050. Seth - click on this too see the close up!

Smile hoods are out now. Buy them, keep me in a job.

The trifest window display of all time. Army Surplus, Walworth road.

We have a yard! BBQ's in October rule!

Static premiere, Nugz holds it down.

Yeeeeeaaaaah Maaaaaaaaaaan!

I hadn't even done anything wrong.

Yes Josh! The vid was sick.

Sam's birthday.

Seth's birthday. Bowling and gut laughing.

We named ourselves after village people.



This week I have mostly been tearing my hair out over the lack of broadband and fixing my external drives. Computers stink. Let's all live in the trees.

Oh, and at the time this seemed like a perfectly reasonable breakfast. Jerk Chicken, black pudding, tomatoes on leftover Naan bread. Something for everyone there I think.

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