04 March 2009

N.F.L. Efilnikufesin

It's hard being so underground and all, especially when you get outed as a secret ripper - thanks Jake - now I'll be getting recognised in the street and shit.

So Benny didn't win but fuck me - I've never been so excited about a final before. England always get knocked out in the semi's anyway!

Heroin filming has kicked off again for a new vid. Spent the weekend with Howard, Ault and new kid Casper. So sick. Got the whole team coming to mine next weekend - not sure I'll be so happy after that experience!

1 comment:

P.M said...

Casper? Casper who?

Whens Paddy Jones getting on the team?!

Stoked for a new Heroin vid. Make sure Fos pulls off a full part.