17 November 2009

Ah, push it!

Like one of the comments on the Youtube page says - best in-joke on the internet!

I got accused of making it (wish I had!) as did French, Magee, etc. I have no idea who did but I'd like to shake his hand!

The Big Push has always been fundamentally flawed by having any kind of voting system - nobody wanted to be seen to rip off KOTR wholesale so the voting thing got used instead without considering the ease of manipulation by the companies with the most willing mulit-voters or, indeed, just the most friends.

The way KOTR works is that even if Wight Trash skateboards (look it up) went up against Zero, Girl and Alien it has just as much chance of winning (Chris Cole aside) if it completes all the challenges and scores more points. The popularity of the company doesn't matter in Thrasher's game.

I said all this last year and people thought I was just whining 'cos Landscape didn't win. Oh well. It's not keeping me up nights.

The bit on the vid about "the memory of Document" shouldn't bother anyone at Sidewalk as at least they've tried to bring points scoring in this year. Well, I think they have anyway - I haven't even watched the vid yet.

Anyway - C'mon the underdogs, British skating is rad, support your S.O.S. etc, etc.

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Pig Dog said...

Yes! The Youtube comment is mine! Mystery video is a good 'un!