22 June 2011

Big in Japan.

So I've always been been pretty psyched on the amount of views my old Day In The City clip has got on Youtube...

109,242 views and counting. Not exactly Loose Change I know but not bad going either and I know Ollie is always stoked on the comments. I guess it just has the right ingredients to come up in searches - black metal, skateboarding, Gorgoroth. It might even get some of BA. KU.'s audience. Anyway, over 100,000 hits is pretty good for something we made in an afternoon. Youtube have also offered me the chance to add advertising to earn money off it but that would involve changing the music so I told them to fuck off.

Why then has this, made in about 15 minutes, got over TWICE as many hits?

And it's not even on my account! Some kid just ragga'd it off the Landscape site. 269,554 views!
Now I'm not going to take away from the skateboarding of Joel and Mark or the lovely December afternoon we spent together (at least the bit in the pub afterwards) but why the fuck is this clip so popular? I've searched for the name of the song and artist on Youtube and this doesn't even come up on the first page so I think we can discount Rosemary Clooney fans. Search for "skateboarding bristol" and again it's nowhere to be seen.

That just leaves Joel and Mark's names. Type "Joel Curtis" and you get the clip at the top of the list or type "Mark Foster" and it's about halfway down. I'm not sure what this proves exactly but Joel and Mark are clearly bigger stars than I thought. This clip has waaaay more hits than ANY of the Landscape or Heroin related clips on Youtube - More than Fos, more than Snowy and more than Howard or Soy and those last two are fairly well known in the states.

So, go Joel and Mark! People love them! Nearly as much as they love a dog that can say "Batman"...

That concludes todays inconclusive bollocks.

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