26 July 2011

She dashed by me in painted on jeans.

Check out the amazing looking park towards the end, original looking obstacles and a fun time by the looks of it. Luke - you been? Any good? The photo of Jaws in the pipe/hula hoop thing in Thrasher this month has the best caption... "You think you got this? Go there. You don't."

And while I'm in the subject of loops - Why the fuck did the Tom Remillard PROPER pumped into loop get the contents page and fucking T-Puds gets the cover? I know he has the interview and all but this is supposed to be THRASHER for fucks sake - when did ledge-dancing get preference over fucking LOOPS!? 

Oh and Pentagram have found God!? Fuck 'em, I always thought they were one of those bands that you're supposed to like but I never really could so it's no loss to me. Read the interview in the mag, fucking pussies.


Blue said...

Alan yep I've been there and it's super fun, did not fuck with the horse shoe hula hoop due to being in my late thirties and not trying to get any serious head trauma any time soon. Yea a few dudes have messed with it but there's no way your getting out without a few harsh slams. Place was built by a local crew, good bunch of guys, this was a result of the city saying here's your budget, have at it. No plans just their creativity.
Check the zine on the indy site, the page with pics of Dougs compound is where we go get our vert on, he also heads up the crew that built that park.

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