12 September 2011

Come one, come all.

So I was behind this van on the way home the other day...

Here's a close-up of the service the company offers...
When was the last time you saw the word Semen FOUR TIMES on the back of a van!!?? Four semens and a sperm!

They can call themselves Trade Genetics and use big words all they like but everybody who's ever seen this van has almost certainly doubled over laughing in their cars as they realise they've just laid eyes on THE SPUNKMOBILE! I know I did.

Fuck getting into an accident with that thing! It would not be a pretty scene. And spare a thought for the poor guy who drives it - I imagined him to be driving as slowly and carefully as possible with a terrified look on his face as hundreds of test tubes full of dog jizz sloshed around just behind him in the back.

And obviously if you should see this thing parked up somewhere it goes without saying that you should take a marker pen to the pictures of the dogs on the back - those little fellas are crying out for spurting knobs. Please, somebody!

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