01 March 2012

Fear no curb.

FINALLY! A bit of skate-history-docu-nonsense about MY skateboarding! Growing up in the little village of East Preston we didn't have any stairs, any banks, any ledges - all we had was curbs. That was street skating to me and my friends. I watched this this morning in bed, fell asleep again afterwards and had the raddest dream where I was skating some bank to wall and curb spot with Lucero and he brought the beer! Best dream everrrrr!

Grossos love-letters have pretty much all been amazing but this is the one - although it's a little bit annoying that a lot of the footage from old videos are some of the exact same bits I've been cutting in to the Tuesday Crue video! Dudes are gonna think I bit Grosso's shit! I'm sure everyone realises the video is gonna be pretty slappy-heavy anyway though right?!

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