10 April 2007

I know more than I knew before...I love you more

Yeah well, I went to Gran Canaria for a week with the Landscapers and then pretty much immediately fucked off to Bristol to be with Rachel for a week and only just got back. Both weeks were amazing and now I'm knackered and preparing to get back to the good old routine of getting kicked out of spots in London every day.

Here's the slideshow that I put on the Landscape site last week with about a tenth of my GC photos - some of the rest are below, arranged as randomly as ever.

Fos got hammered on the plane.

The cee-lo games started the minute we hit the airport. Gambling is the new not-gambling.

Smashley took this, should I bother crediting him?

Wrist support sun tan.

There was some serious space pencil consumption on this trip.

It's what John would have wanted - idiot skateboarders fucking with his statue.

The single weirdest designed skatepark I've been to - Joel dubbed it "Escape From Skate Mountain"

Went to this dope restaurant in the mountains - literally IN the mountain - like a cave/hobbit hole. I had goat (obviously).

Snowy nearly stabbed that knife right through his cheek as this was taken. Oh how we laughed.

Fos bought me a little packet of negro's and some milkshake called Batty-Milk (not pictured).

Photo: Tim-Leighton Smashley.

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