16 April 2007

So much past in my present.

So, Rachel and I got married...

...and had a baby.

Ok, not really - we went to a wedding in Bournemouth with Bang and her daughter Nina (the baby belonged to the bride and groom by the way, we didn't nick it or anything).

Bang's dress looked exactly like the cover of the "We Live" album by Electric Wizard which I've been listening to a lot recently since I scored a copy of the double LP. She must have known this and planned her outfit accordingly.

This guy played us a Donovan song and has the O.G. most bangin' sticker of all time.


Anonymous said...

Undefeated Nike Dunk NL high tops.
You shoe geek.

Glasso said...

Ha ha! I'm not afraid of a little finesse around the ankles every once in a while.