11 June 2007

"I don't care dude..."

OK, here's the story. In New York last autumn I spent a couple of nights with my friends Fiske and Vey when they came down from Boston. We got suitably drunk and rowdy and shredded around NYC a bit. So, there we are getting ready to go out round this friend of their's called Tia's place and having a few drinks. Vey tells us this story about how he once got a hand job from a girl with a mutant hand which I soon realise is pure gold so I start to film it with my digital camera (hence the dark picture) and manage to get most of it. The rest of the night was a blur and we ended up back at Tia's in the small hours with him being sick on the pavement outside.
Back in 'Blighty I whacked the clip up on youtube so Fiske could see it and to embarass Vey. After the initial chuckles from both sides of the atlantic I didn't think any more of it. Until a few days ago.

Vey hit's me up on AIM and tells me that his family - Mum, dad, aunts, uncles and GRANDMOTHER - were all at a family get-together and decided to look him up on the internet. Guess what they found?! By all accounts they were none too impressed and in his words "are so bummed on me, they think I'm chock full of disease".

So, I'm sorry mate - I've yet to completely remove it but I have changed the tags so if you search for his name on youtube it should no longer come up. For those who can appreciate it in it's new notorious context and may not have seen it the first time around here is it below.

Sorry to the Vey's - I guess the family innocence has been spoiled. I'm a bad person.


Rodrigo said...

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tura said...

Get us a photo of the girl !