20 June 2007

"No Rest For The Wicked" is the best album ever.

It's a crying shame to think that one day Brunch and I won't live together.

Rachel played this gig in Bristol which was a soundtrack that Bang wrote for a graphic novel. They warmed up sans-costumes.

For the performance itself it was like watching Necros Christos or Black Witchery as they all had black hoods on.

Unfortunately she took the make up off before I had chance to get her home.

Then we went to meet Damo and Charlotte who had Bruce and Smithy visiting for a late Damo's-birthday celebration.

Next morning we drove to Goathurst (!) to check out our wedding venue for next year. This field on the way had wheelie bins painted to look like cows and caused a 2 mile tailback from people rubber-necking.

The farm where we're having the wedding was amazing and the lady that runs it was super cool. They've got a stone circle where we can hold a black mass and sacrifice a goat. Ahem! I mean, hold a beautiful wedding ceremony.

That night Rach had to play a gig so I went with the crew to the pub that could be our new local in Burzle if we get the flat we want. It's open as late as it takes for the red-nosed landlord to remember the pub is in a country with laws, sells this murky looking cider with bits floating in it for 1.80 a pint and the regulars are all annhilated. Basically, heaven.

As ever the locals loved Bruce.

Gavin and Bang joined us after a while and were on about horse riding or something.

The next day Rach and just about everyone else in Bristol were playing this free gig down at Lloyd's. The first casualty was Rachel's shoe.

The only gentlemanly thing to do was give her one of mine. And dance like idiot dads at a wedding.

Nina joined us for dinner.

She got some new tattoos.

And last night French, Kloakius and I went to see the devil himself play at Wembley. I cut my finger before the gig and gave myself some facial decoration. Unfortunately it came off in the shower

Video? The black mass begins and War Pigs.

Ozzy was fucking unbelievable and anyone who wasn't there is a total bum-lord that doesn't like metal.

These two homos passed out in front of the Bark At The Moon tour video at the end of the night.

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