13 September 2007

Hold me closer tiny dancer.

Andre got married in Vans. What a Ledge!

"Look Laura, that's my knob"

Smith's gruds.

Grange Hill.

Rachel's Mum's new house in Provence.

Stars from our window - take a closer look.

The town where they live, Uzes, is exactly like 'Allo Allo. I was whistling the tune the whole time I was there.

You can tell I'm in love with this girl can't you?

More stars. They were so bright, there's no light pollution down there at all.

And yeah, they had a stingin' pool. We swam every day.

Here Rach executes another textbook dive.

Oh shit! It's getting serious now!

Inevitably we checked out some estate agents. We can dream eh?

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