26 September 2007

A thug changes and love changes, and best friends become strangers, word up.

I moved to Bristol! Yeah bitches, I'm practically a farmer now! I'm working on the accent but it's tough to get right. Aside from that I'm smoking mad chronic down Lloyd's, wearing grey sweatpants and doing stinking switch hards down 10.

This is my new crib (MTV are down on friday to film my shit).

My office (a.k.a. the hallway)

This is where the magic happens.

And the kitchen is so big it has a dancefloor!

...as demonstrated by Matt and Teresa here.

Still spending time in the LDN though, the LS vid isn't gonna film itself.

Snowy's chipped elbow would rather forget these stairs.

Oh and our new flat might be haunted - no kidding. First of all my Osama Bin Laden russian dolls put themselves away and then yesterday we woke up to this scribbling on the wall next to my desk. Some of the marks look too deliberate to be an accident and they definitely weren't there before. The little x's are way too similar to be accidents. I'll let you know when the walls start bleeding.

Oh and this is awesome - the church sign generator. Google it or something. I made that one.


CoMeDy KiNg said...

There's a church sign maker on www.CustomSignGenerator.com for those lazy to search Google ;)

Anonymous said...

...and I quote: "yeah, people who hang boards on their wall are gayers"