28 January 2008

Like devils on a Ouiji board I'm spellin' doom.

So my digital camera finally came back from Ricoh. After nearly 2 months it's turned out to be worth it - they've cleaned it up so it looks like a new camera, replaced the rubberized grip thing and updated the OS. Let's hope the flash lasts this time. Anyway, Rach can finally look in her handbag for her camera and find it instead of realising it's in my pocket and I'm off on some trip somewhere.

Rach, Matt and I went to the hospital last week to see Vikki and Guy's new baby.

One day old and he's vogue-ing already!

I found one of the best spots in the whole world at the hospital. Ledge/manny pad into bank. Shame the concrete has grooves cut into it to stop old ladies sliding in the wrong direction to their zimmers!

The next night was Bang's birthday so we made her a cake and went round.

Unfortunately it got "Rachel'd" on the way over.

It was Burn's night too so Gavin brought back this bangin' haggis from the fatherland (Scotland, not Germany). Neaps and tatties too!

This is supposed to look like they just came out of the Ladies'.

Second baby in just a few days - Maylan and Murray brought their wee bairn round for lunch on Sunday.

Got to go and film in London for a few days tomorrow. Pray for sunshine innit.


Lanelle said...

Great work.

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