23 January 2008

Strangely the water really doesn't taste like it ought to.

I went to Mallorca with the Landscapers last week but first here's some pink sick.

Contrary to what my cheery roommate has to say in this pic the apartment was pretty dope.

Especially the Stevie Williams poster in my room. (OK I put it there)

And we were in the area known as Germany Beach. Can you tell?

Justice at last!

You can pretty much hold Joel personally responsible when the company goes bankrupt - covering up the large Landscape logo on his board with a large landscape logo sticker. Wasteful? We'll take it out of his wages.

There's nothing so satisfying as a well packed boot.

After wasting 5 euros on 5 goes trying to win Cookie Monster on the grabby claw game I got this guy 1st go! You probably heard the cheers back in England.

And he has a Sabbath lyric on his chest! Result!

And he can hold the video iPod in the car (whilst hanging from the rear-view mirror - possibly dangerous).

Rory fell so hard from this flat bar trying a crook-pop-over. I really thought we were hospital bound for a minute.

This is some reference to vulcanized soles. Nerdy huh?

This arena place is derelict and Frank Sinatra once played on that stage.

Shitty trip diet as standard.

Can't explain the feeling this gives me. It's a cross between admiration for their friendship and disgust.

Wouldn't it be funny if he tripped up?

Best spot in the world, funniest bail photo I've ever shot.

Yeah! Back to some decent British weather at last!

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