19 February 2008

Well you came and you gave without taking, Oh Mandy...

Gavin had a birthday. Bearing in mind we were drinking pink wine at 11am I think he did pretty well to wait until about 10pm to spill curry all over himself.

I stopped to take a picture of this penis drawn on the back of this car and thought "what a unique vision" until I passed on to the next one and saw that the artist responsible had done one on every car all the way up the hill. That's dedication and perseverance bearing in mind it was freezing and their finger must have got wet.

Saturday afternoon was time in the Man-Zone for Joel, Damo and I.

Skateboarding, drinking, restaurant, more drinking.

My new best friend.

Speed Connect 4 is the new thumb wars.

Guy's late night mid-breast-feed thrash attack made Vikki cry. Unfortunately not in a good way. They're friends again now though.

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lucy said...

fact: all babies should wear hats with ears.