21 January 2009

Incantation or nothing for me now.

Anyone who knows me will know I'm no fan of Punk exactly - I have some Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat LPs from when I was a teenager as it seemed you weren't allowed to be skateboarder without them in those days - but for the genre as a whole I remain unimpressed.

I watched this video below a while back and thought I'd share the wealth on here. We used a GG Allin song on a Heroin video once but I never knew much about him. Then I saw a bunch of youtube clips and this one, well... astounded/appalled me! Am I too grown up now? Am I a total pussy?

I'm sure we've all had some pretty wacky crowd experiences at gigs before but personally I've not had the singer shit on the floor, rub it all over himself naked and cause almost the ENTIRE audience to leave! I don't know whether this is awesome or awful. Should I think the guy is some kind of punk-rock ruler or should I be worried about him and alerting his parents? Fuck knows... Have a watch and let me know how to think. I'm obviously not punk enough to get it.


jerry said...

I wouldn't worry to much he's well dead.
His big thing seemed to being going on and on about how he was going to kill himself on stage ( and take out as many of the audience as possible), then he just ended up doing to much smack. Bit of a let down for everyone i'm sure. Their is a really funny documentary about him called 'Hated' if you want to learn more about the micro-cocked show pony. X

Anonymous said...

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