29 July 2010

Mommy? What's a Gravedigga?

So, this time next week I should be plugging stuff in for this...


It'd fucking better be anyway after the debacle of last time! I was careful not to badmouth the landlord of the previous venue on Facebook when the last attempt at putting this on was thwarted at the last second, but - here's what happened...

I walked into the venue on the night with records, projector and DVDs to find 3 bands set up upstairs. The decks were dismantled to make way for a sound desk and one band was playing. I walked up to the bar to find out what was going on. The landlord looks sheepish and says "Sorry - I double booked. They should be done by 10." My night was supposed to start at 9. Fucker didn't even try to get hold of me beforehand - he waited until I walked in the door.

I asked how many more bands were left to play and he said two. With setting up time for each remaining band, playing their sets and the need to re-plug the decks and set up the projector I would have been lucky to get anything going before 11.

I sat and waited for a few people to turn up so I could break the news I was pulling the plug. Semi-fortunately it was unbelievably shitty weather outside so people weren't exactly queueing up to get in (I gathered through some messages people showed up later on to find it cancelled).

The landlord barely said anything to me and just stayed behind the bar looking sheepish whilst I figured out what to do. As I sent people home and left myself I didn't even say goodbye for fear of blowing my top and telling this dude exactly what I thought of him. Being the bigger man can, occasionally, feel good.

Anyway - come down this time. The second attempt WILL HAPPEN! My good friend Vikki has hooked up The Full Moon for me and promises me nothing will prevent me from putting this on.

Fuck The Mother's Ruin and their lazy, unprofessional, inconsiderate bullshit - SWAYZE is on next week! I Promise!

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