30 September 2010

Beef chow mein is nothing to be scared of.

This is pretty funny - has Epicly Later'd gone too far in comparing one pro's good looks to anothers'? Nah.  Is it actually more fun to talk about the peripheral stuff than the actual skateboarding itself? Probably.

I'm not entirely sure Alex Olson will be too stoked on this episode but really - who gives a shit? Since the demise of Big Brother it's been left to bloggers to say anything remotely controversial these days. Regular mags can't do it as they'll get their advertising pulled. O'Dell has nothing to lose. Vice are paying not Dwindle or DC. He can risk it on these shows and I for one wish he'd risk it and push a little further.

Dedicating 10 minutes to the way a skater looks is fucking great - we all know how fucking boring skateboard journalism is for the most part. Tour articles and the same old questions and answers with pro after pro. I want more off the wall crap like Todd Falcon, the Bong Olympics and Andy Roy interviews.
Not that Dylan's sartorial decisions compare to any of the aforementioned but episodes like this are a step in the right direction.

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