26 October 2010

Phoney niggas are outlined in chalk.

Time to revisit this in case I forget before Sunday...

I still have a packet of "Billy's Nuts" bolts that he gave me in NYC a few years ago. The packaging is amazing - a photo of him in a straight jacket with a couple of hot nurses, so good. Anyway, watch this clip - Wu-Tang, swords and the best skateboarder in New York, what's not to like?

While I'm on the subject this is good too. What he says about New York being the biggest small town in the world is so true. I remember bumping into him twice in one day once. First was that spot with the two glass-brick bank-to-walls with the channel between them in Brooklyn where I was filming with Fiske and Billy showed up in a sharp suit with his Mum. He gave us a bagel with peanut butter in.

Later that day we stopped by KCDC and he was skating the mini-ramp in the same suit and dress shoes doing crazy lines with switch blunts on the extension. Fucking ridiculous. Anyway, watch this...

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