22 January 2011

I fell from the sky.

Thanks to Gav I got to fulfill a childhood dream and see The Cult. Fuck knows why I never got around to it before, I've always been pretty much obsessed with the Electric album. It's one of a few (ok, several - I'm a fucking nerd) albums that I own on vinyl, cassette and CD and I remember getting ready to go out drinking once and putting it on after I'd showered. I air-guitar'd so hard in front of the mirror for the whole thing that I had to get re-showered before I hit the pub.

Anyway, we sat through what seemed like hours of new material (and by that I mean anything after Sonic Temple) to get to the classics. It was worth it though...

And they finished with this - the best of the best...


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Frocker said...

I'm gutted I won't be seeing them in Manchester this weekend, but I couldn't justify paying £30.00 to see them! Doubly gutted as the support band ROMANCE are proper rad too.

Stoked someone else is into the Cult!