18 August 2011

Jazz club.

This is pretty good, not amazing or perfect but on the right track. It goes a little way to pointing out that you can make something arty but still raw and skate-video-ey instead of slowing everything down to to a squillion frames per second and copying the camera angles from mainstream TV commercials with an HD camera. Ty Evans could do with being given a Hi-8 and a Jessops fisheye again for a while so that he'd learn to chill out on the super-polished yawn-fests he's put out recently. Don't bet on the Chocolate video looking like 20 Shot Sequence or anything but some kind of relaxing of the HD trickery might be nice. I'm all for a bit of jazzy depth of field and everything but in moderation as displayed here.

Oh and ALL jazz sounds this fucking hilarious to me. Niiiice.

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