23 October 2011

Fruity Euro.

This dude broke all my plates. I'd just got back from the Big Push with Landscape and was dog tired after a grueling week in my usual Skate-Dad role and French had just got back from the same trip and had brought the whole Antiz team to stay at ours. The last thing I wanted was to have to deal with skateboarders after 7 days of babysitting them but they turned out to be good lads and I had to have a little word with myself. When I'd chilled out and locked myself in my room I heard the most almighty crash from the kitchen. Steve Forstner had gone to take a glass off the washing-up rack and the whole thing collapsed hurling ALL my plates onto the floor. Every one was smashed. Somehow I remained calm and told him not to worry about it. I retired to my room again and about a half hour later I heard the front door close and Steve knocked my door. He'd been out into Brixton and bought me a whole new set of dinner plates. I later also learned that he was incredible on a skateboard after watching an Antiz DVD that French gave me. Just goes to show you can be conscientious and gnarly at the same time. I had no idea. Steve is both. Watch this shit - the kickflip into the bank over the rail at the end will melt your eyes.

Steve Forstner from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

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