03 October 2007

"Mick?! Get stuffed!!!"

Teresa put me on the list for Feist the other night and who did I see there but the Wainwrights.

Oh, and my flash is broken. Great, I've only had the camera for a few months.

Feist was awesome, bit thirty-something but awesome. She even played a Sarah Harmer song. I have a feeling I might have been the only one there who knew that. Or cared.

Then Bruce, Smith, Garth and his brother Aiden showed up in Bristol and we drank in the Porter Stores until about 2am.

And last night I stayed in London at Jon and Leanne's. She had to put his hair up for him in a bun this morning. I didn't laugh. Much.

So you let him out of prison and he ruins a perfectly good skate spot.

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