27 August 2008

On the subject of the Big Push and repeat voting:

So now that Document is out and you can vote for your favourites in the Big Push it's pretty easy to see that there's plenty of repeat voting going on again. If it's not repeat voting then it's probably a bunch of emails going round to all the friends, family and co-workers of the guys involved.

"Please vote for us! Yeah, even though you haven't seen the DVD or read the mag and probably don't give two fucks about skateboarding, please - vote for us!"

So with a campaign like that you're gonna get loads of votes - maybe you'll even win - but wouldn't you feel better knowing that the people who voted for you actually have an opinion and have used their vote properly? To just win 'cos you've persuaded loads of randoms to vote for you will feel more like a victory for your organisational skills and your ability to whip up some support among friends rather than a true victory won legitimately by your teams performance on video and in photographs.

The team I worked with haven't been rallying votes together from our long lost cousins or our Dad's workmates so I consider the votes we have got to be honest and meaningful. Being 70% ahead on the first day of voting looks like a "Me! Me! Me!" attitude and a will to win which fairly reeks of cheating.

A voting system that allows votes to be solicited from non-participating voters is fundamentally flawed. To win or do well in the Big Push is to be good at canvassing for your team not necessarily to rely on the votes from the people that count - the real readers and skateboarders who have read the articles and watched the footage and have cast their vote accordingly.

So I urge you as possible non-skateboarding enthusiasts and possibly non-readers of Document not to vote for us because you feel you should or because you've been asked to but because you've seen the mag, watched the DVD and genuinely feel we deserve your vote. I'll value the work I put into the project far more if I know it really did please you.

Hope you enjoy our efforts.

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chas one said...

No one wins in that kind of situation.