05 September 2008

I knew him first and I knew him well.

Docco have just posted the Big Push edits in their entirety on their site so have a look at ours below. Landscape that is.

100% street, no indoor parks, no outdoor parks, blah blah blah, aren't we hardcore!?

Anyway, whatev's. The whole thing is always fun to do and me getting worked up about the voting system was fun for a while but I don't really take anything that seriously so I couldn't give a fuck if I upset anybody or if we win or not. Cheers to 'Unklesouth' on the Sidewalk forum for pasting my rant on there - do I know you? Don't be a pussy - tell me who you are. This hiding behind forum names thing is gay as all hell.

Enjoy the edit, it was a reet laugh.

Oh an here's the park footy/offcuts stuff from the same week...

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