16 December 2008

Throw the radio in the bath when White Rabbit peaks!

Just added a new interview clip thing to the Landscape podcast. Following on from the Soy one a while back this has Joey and Rory talking about pretty random stuff - travelling, filming and Joey's first board. It's pretty tramline to do these things these days but it's fun to put together and better than some rough offcuts on their own I guess.

Subscribe to the podcast HERE or watch the clip online by clicking the pic above. Subscribing to the podcast will get you loads of other clips too including the whole of the Portraits video! For free!

Notice above how I can't keep up with Joey in that night-time NYC line - it was freezing and the pavement was fucked and I'm very, very old!

Fos called this morning to say he's got me 2 tickets for Morrissey next year as a Christmas present!! Siiiiiick!! Cheers geez!

Oh and Horizons itself should be out tomorrow. It got to our distributor today so go ask at your local shred shed.

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