24 February 2011

The queen is dead boys.

I picked up the new Sidewalk yesterday so I could see the Witchcraft/Lovenskate tour article. It's been a while since I've read a British mag and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm down for UK skateboarding.
This ad however blew my mind. First I didn't know Craig Smedley was on Unabomber - that's a trip eh? I know 'Bomber is owned by totally different people these days and the anarchy and system smashing kind of vibe has gone but still, I thought this dude was all swishy strides and chunky laces?

Then there's this. The interesting new take on the iconic Pete Fowler Unabomber gimp..

Holy fucking shit! I'm assuming this isn't a joke and that board is in production. I'm sure Smedley is a good guy and all but mate, what are you - fucking TWELVE YEARS OLD??

I'm completely clueless with the Graffiti style of "art" (Andy Howell left me cold) but doesn't that look like the Spliffy jeans logo to you? Deformed chunky shoes and a spray can. Helicar must be turning in his grave. OK, he's not dead thankfully but this must be breaking his fucking heart. Can you imaging Harry having this graphic in the good 'ol days?

How did this...
...become this???...

We live in a fucked up world at the best of times but this ruined/made my day. I know the Fowler graphic is hardly high art and I've never counted myself as a fan exactly but I still recognise it as a classic of British skateboard graphic design.

I can well imagine the design and concept of this board probably came more from the company than the rider but still, didn't he have a say? Worst board of the year and it's only February, good work Unabomber!

If there's a worse one out right now I want to know about it.


chas one said...

Unabomber stopped paying their riders last week. Wonder if this kind of graphic had anything to do with it?

Anonymous said...

that board was all Smedley & Brad Garners doing.

tour dick said...

I think I hate cartooony graf caricatures more than you Glass.
Remember DREADY?

Tomnipresent said...

Haha i remember those spliffy jeans! Tenner down the market vibe.
If thats actually the new unabomber logo.. it is truly shit.

Hellicar said...

You pay peanuts you get Monkeys.

What a load of shit.


Bye Bye Unabomber. You served us well.

Pete H. x

Hellicar said...

On reflection. Manhead should be getting the ads / boards? He rules.

Sorry to damn you all.

Ironically I used to work on Eclipse / Spliffy when I was 18. A fitting end. x

Anonymous said...

gimp industries west was a load of shit

Anonymous said...

Fucking blinding review glass. Horse told me about it a few weeks back so I had to check it. Spot on! I see Horse all the time but never bother checking the mags or anything anymore, I'm fucking bored shitless of most of it all.

When's the non skating no war for heavy metal happening? We can go to skate spots and parks and whine like fuck whilst drinking cider shandys. Fuck that would be a repeat ha ha!