10 February 2011

Steven Binks.

French called last night to tell me that Bingo, one of the greatest people I've ever met, died yesterday from a suspected heart attack in his shop Mischief. He was 36 years old.

Every time I visited the North East he was the perfect host, always sharing his spots and skating with us late into the night. I know that anyone who had the good fortune to spend any time with him will be devastated at his passing. He was far too young and far too good to deserve such an early ending and leaves a big hole in the lives of Teeside skateboarders and those in the rest of the country too for that matter.

Why do the good guys go first? In this case it really isn't fair.
Rest in peace Bingo, you made such a difference.

P.S. There is a skate jam on Sunday at Five Bridges in Newcastle so if you're in the area you should turn up and shred for him. 

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