29 January 2007

Making lasagne with you above the clouds

Bristol again for the weekend. Rach had a party for her mate Banga's birthday so they got a band together and played.

The bar was pretty good apart from this bizarre construction. What in the name of ARSE is that??!?

This lass Vicky had bins on her feet. I guess she didn't want to fuck up her shoes.

Saw a pregnant Lottie for the first time in years avec father-to-be (that means I can't remember his name).

Sha-mone motherfucker.

Spent all of Sunday in this bar. Malibu and pineapples make everything alright the morning after.

This is Marie. Apart from being one of the funniest people I've ever met she pioneered the "Sugar Teeth". This is her gift to the world.

No, I couldn't really do it.

Art leaks out of every hole in my body.

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