15 January 2007

Wise men say only fools rush in...

Drove down to Bath and Bristol at the weekend with Seth to see Joel (at least that's what I told them).

The wind on the way down was crazy. Two trucks overturned right next to each other.

It pizzed it down all weekend so this is the kind of spot we were looking at.

Furzo got the boot from Soapstar Superstar. He did pretty good to get as far as he did with mates like us in the audience.

"Ye Olde Kicker" - Seth Curtis January 2007. First person to get a photo on this was Chris Pulman. No-comply over a chicken in 1737.

Joel has a projector so we drunkenly watched a great big 10' wide Holy Grail.

This is the new thing. RC cars. It just gives Seth an excuse to spray paint more things.


Always wanted one of these!

Fire juggler in Rachel's back garden. The little spark of flame in the photo is where the dude caught his hat on fire.

You can imagine the kind of mood this front cover of Metal Hammer put me in. Needless to say I'd never buy this piece of shit magazine.

Back home to the little piles of crack-ash on the stairs outside my door. I love Brixton.

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