08 January 2007

Mind, body and soul in part and in whole.

This weekend I went up to Manchester with Brunch to see Furzo perform on Soapstar Superstars.

I read the contestant handbook so I know all kinds of scintillating inside info on the show.

We crashed in Mark's hotel room with him the first night. We made ourselves at home.

Members of the public. Ugh.

On Saturday Tubb came over from Sheffield and we skated a couple of parks in Manchester.

The Projekts park has what can only be described as a wooden ditch. I made French do as many wallrides as he could in this in one go. He managed 14. Not bad.

Brunch's mate Grill came up too.

He bought some DGK's. Stingin'!

After we got kicked out of Mark's hotel room after the first night ITV got us an apartment (!). On Saturday night I bailed early from the bar whilst the others stayed on and drank with the doctor guy out of Neighbours and the alcoholic one from Eastenders (mixing with people who were famous for something I didn't particularly care for didn't excite me, they were just people I didn't know).
Back at the apartment I watched some shitty quiz channels and this one above really bugged me. "How many Pence?" I can see £1.51 quite clearly or the word 'pence' 3 times. Neither of which were right apparently. I must have stared this down for an hour before realising that I'm a dick and life's too short to waste on this shit. I still wanna know the fucking answer though!

Doesn't that look like the cover of Shining's "Within Deep Dark Chambers"? Yeah, like you'd know.

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