01 January 2007

"Enthusiastic about music"

Gearing up to get down.

I wish Mark would stop stopping people in the street and asking to have his picture taken with them. Doesn't he realise they're just like everyone else and just want to be left alone?

Went to Greg Finch's house party last night. It was super packed, there wasn't room to swing a cat so Edson brought his dog instead.

Kidman's shoes were smashing it. Look at the laces!

Sorry. He always does this, it needed finally documenting.

Wilko messaged me this last night. I'm pretty sure he wrote it.

Today I have the worst hangover I've had in years and all I've been able to do is sit on the sofa with French and Furzo, watch The Running Man and laugh so hard two of us were nearly sick. Great start to 2007.

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