21 March 2007


Bristol! Gwar! Teresa's new hair!

Dub from Atlantis DJ - I'm feeling a bit of reggae at the moment.

London! Gwar again for the second night running! Tamsin!

Jon Monie was over from Paris.

Saturday, Manchester park. Check the Heroin site for some video.

It actually rained hail onto us in this cafe place near Fos' parents. The roof split open during this downpour and we had to switch tables, I haven't laughed that much in ages. Click the picture to see Seth get rained on.

My package from Nuclear War Now finally came. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I was starting to get worried - $100 worth of records is not the kind of thing I like to lose in the post! Especially when it's a few as good as these!!! Bestial Raids 7" plus Goatlord, Proclamation and Death Yell die-hard editions with all kinds of bonus stickers, patches, posters and stuff. I'm nerding out so hard on these today I'll be intolerable when French gets home.

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