13 March 2007

Here comes rover sniffin' at ya ass, pardon me bitch as I shit on ya grass.

Yoooo!! It's time to bake some muthafucka up in this piece again kid!! WHUT?!?! I'm a cook up some marvellous shit to get your mouth waterin', know what I'm sayin'?

I ain't even got the right tools fo' tha job but I ain't shook kid - I'm a mix it up in this saucepan right here yo. That's some gangsta shit - mixing in pans not bowls nigga! Ain't nobody sayin' it ain't real in my kitchen son! I don't even got no whisk! Check the fork god!

Strictly speakin' you shouldn't get high on your own supply but I can't help but sample the merchandise before I move it on the streets kid. You get the cake mix and some of that frosting on the same fork and it's like BOOM! Taste explosion, know what i'm sayin?

That's me right there bitch, next to the mix. I ain't scared of showin' my face yo, when the gods made you pretty you gots to let the world see you, know what i'm sayin? There's some ugly ass niggas out there - you should be hyped I was born yo!

Yo, yo, check it out - CHOCOLATE CHIPS all up in there too son! This is gonna be some sickly shit yo.

Even though this is gonna be some east coast cake I still got love for my homies in Cali son. Yo, it's time to get the mix into the oven son, I'm a watch some videos while it bakes yo!

Yo, that's my icing gun son, kinda reminds me of when me and my niggas used to bomb trains back when it was all so simple. One love to all my sons in the bing yo, Riker's Island, San Quentin, boom.

YOOOOO! That shit rose yo! Against all odds too. I be hyped.

The chocolate fudge frosting was easier to spread than a nigga thought son. That shit's way more malleable than it seems at first, it cracked under pressure yo.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about - a mothafuckin' sandwich dogg! Looks like some flying saucer shit, i'm a space-age, cake-cookin', strap-packin' mothafucka MOTHAFUCKA!

Normally the 'C' represents my niggas in The Crips but today I'm throwin' that shit up fo' tha chocolate know what I'm sayin'?

Yo! I done melted that shit all over the cake god! WHUT!?! It's melted into the frosting and given that crazy marble effect shit yo! Yo, I'm a icing genius dogg! You wait for the finale son - it's gonna blow your whole shit up!

YOOOOO!!!! I told you this was some east coast shit son! Check the icing!!! WU-TANG CAKES AIN'T NUTHIN' TO FUCK WIT!!!! Respect to my nigga 'Dirty, shake and bake kid! Cakes rule everything around me!!

Yo, this shit wouldn't have been half as gangsta without the influence of my nigga Brunch, the whole of the St. Matthews estate here in Bricktown, the niggas on the corner by KFC and the combined works of Biggie, Ghost, Rae, Meth, Tupac, Clipse and my nigga Big Baby Jesus all playin' in the kitchen while I baked this shit up. Protect ya neck!

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