11 March 2007


So, our Ozzy tickets arrived and we got so excited we ran round the flat playing Breaking All The Rules on badminton racquets (this is standard procedure in our house anyway) and Brunch was jumping up and down on the coffee table until this happened. I'm sure Ozzy would think we were pussies, he's done far crazier shit.

Oh and the new Necro Christmas album arrived so it was shades on and hoods up all the way.

Finally got to see Incantation on Saturday night. They were fucking amazing and Rach was a good sport coming along and fetching me beer while they played. Thanks baby! French couldn't make it as his bird's mum split her head open and he had to take her to A+E. It wasn't quite right in the Underworld without him - nobody to smash glasses over my head. I suppose in dealing with one head injury he was prevented from causing any on me.

They were so sick and finished with Profanation which had the old bastards like me happy as larry.

Lezzer poser bend-lords need not watch this clip.

The Hove Warrior was there (so was The Kett Warrior!) and gave me a look at his Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse tatts. This is unprecedented access to one of the world's most enigmatic figures. I was psyched.

After that we went to meet Wilko and co in the Social for a few drinks. Bear in mind Rach and I had been in a death metal gig since 6pm we were already wasted before we got there. Sorry everyone!

OK, and today (Sunday) we went to Itsu for lunch and inadvertantly spent £90!! French says he spends an average of 10 quid a week on food and rarely eats out so we could have fed him for 9 weeks for the price of our lunch. Whoops!

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