30 May 2007

Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath from the album Black Sabbath.

Hear dis! OK, more old video time. I made V.I.P. Dubplate Selection Volume One in 1998 after Viewfinder 1 came out. It may well have been the world's first (and last?) purely ragga and jungle skate video, unless there's a thriving skate scene in Jamaica I guess. Anyway, it's pretty silly and amateurish with all the hallmarks of your average scene video - crap footage of locals you've never heard of, token random poached vert footage, demo and contest nonsense and as ever...visiting americans at Playstation park (groan!).

Anyway here it is in all it's steady-shot-on, toilet-roll-fisheye, Hi-8 grainy glory. Worth it for Ian's slams alone. Big file too so be patient. Permanent link to the right.

Oh and at the weekend I went with Rach, Bang, Gavin and their kids Nina and Grace to this hippy festival in Kent. We camped where we weren't supposed to, upsetting the druids or whatever they claimed to be, laughed at the white people with dreads and pissed in the healing circle - all in all time well spent.

No prizes for guessing who wrote that. It must have helped our popularity at the festival no end.

BLEEEEEEUUUUUURRRRGGGGHHHHH!! Fuck right off. These people don't fool me for a minute. They claim to be into nature and healing therapies but they stay up all night taking drugs. Maybe they wouldn't need so much fucking Reiki if they went to bed at a reasonable hour and laid of the damn Ketamine. I didn't see one person being healed in the healing circle but I'll wager it saw it's fair share of drug intake over the weekend.

OK, they weren't all bad I guess - one nice lady lent us her rickshaw thing to get our stuff back to the car. She said she'd drive it but she wasn't wearing any knickers.

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