15 May 2007

No war for 5050.

I've been meaning to dig out some of my old bits of video and post them up on here for ages now. There'll be permanent links to them over on the right under Videos + Extras.

First up is the little seen (actually pretty much only by me and French) black/death metal version of the 5050 video that I edited for them back in 2003. When we first put this vid together it was begging for an alternative soundtrack version and so I made one just for fun. Not even Syd and Danny have seen this (hope you it gives you a laugh boys!) - Who couldn't enjoy seeing Zak Pitter skate to Fistfucking God's Planet by Marduk?

Both are big files so maybe put the kettle on or load up the bong or whatever it is that you do while you're waiting.

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