23 May 2007

Hove Warrior and gig special!!!

Here's what we were watching that 1st night - Krisun... French's tour shirts weren't on the merch stand which sucked.

Krisiun are way better live than on record and we were really there to see Immolation (who totally smashed it). Watch some video of them here!

The following night I went on my own to see Proclamation (above), Archgoat and Black Witchery (both below). It was the single best black/death metal gig i've ever witnessed (although the Goat Molestor, Necros Christos and Archgoat gig from a while back is a serious contender.) People had come from all over the world for this gig, the line-up was that good. Some video? Alright...

Black Witchery

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