14 May 2007

When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza pie.

Last week I was in Italy with Rachel. We flew into Milan and drove to Venice, down to Tuscany and back up the Genoa coast. It was amazing.

The rooftop pool was empty in our Venice hotel.

The water bus into town at sunset was unbelievable.

The first night in Venice was crazy, we poled about through all the narrow streets and alleys until I plucked up the courage to do what I set out to do and asked Rachel to marry me.

It was on a little bridge like this. Unfortunately, we were swept up in the moment and left the actual bridge behind without taking any pics of it or even remembering where it was. I guess we'll never know exactly where it happened, maybe that's kind of romantic and makes the whole of Venice "our spot". She said yes by the way. Actually, at the time I didn't hear her and had to ask her to say it again, cloth eared fool that I am!

Venice is by far the most beautiful city I've ever been to and we just spent our whole time there walking about and sighing at the sights.

The best sign ever.

I was tempted by the Nike beer. For about 0.6 seconds. Then I realised it was a shit idea. Nearly as shit as the Diesel beer. Ecch!

There was all this candy floss-like seed stuff everywhere and while we were waiting for the bus these kids chucked a match into it and it burned up in this crazy wave. The little wall of flame went right under these parked cars and for a moment looked like it might get serious. Needless to say the kids scarpered and left Rach and I at the crime scene. Then the bus came and we used it as our getaway car.

After Venice we drove down to Tuscany to a an unbearably cute little hilltop town called Montecatini Alto. We pretty much had the place to ourselves for 3 nights.

There were bats flying around outside every night on the terrace. If you zoom on this pic you can see one.

Florence. We kind of fucked it up as we weren't really too bothered about queueing for hours to get into the museums or cathedrals and the city itself isn't really that pretty otherwise. It was my Mum's favourite place and I had high hopes for it but I guess if you're not super into the art side of it then you won't get much out of it. I'm a philistine obviously.

This place claimed to have made the world's biggest Doner. We didn't try it.

Pisa! There is a law there that says you have to take this picture.

It really does lean! Frighteningly so!

Climbing the stairs to the top is a weird off-balance kind of experience. And the feeling of the floor on the roof not lining up with the horizon line is very odd indeed. Psyched to have seen it though, can't recommend it enough.

Obligatory just-engaged-self-timer-sunset shot.

Last night. Portovenere. Beyond cute. Like St. Ives in cornwall but way better.

Anyway, best trip I've ever been on and only getting hitched to Rachel will be able to top it. I'm over the moon and when you see me in the near future you'll see I have a fixed grin! Apologies in advance for that. Sigh!|

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Lucy said...

Omigod that's so cute. I almost a tear in my eye. Is this really the blog of Alan Glass?

(I tried writing Alan Glass's blog, but I have a terrible problem with the thing after an S.... would it be Alan Glass' blog or Alan Glass's blog ?)

Anyway, I'm choked. I feel like I've interrupted "your moment" just reading this!