23 August 2007

England for the english.

While getting ready to move house I was digging around in the master tapes box and came across this edit I did in 2001. It's from a UK Vans team tour I went on as filmer that year.

It was in the days when there was money - I got paid, I got per diem and it was a great laugh for the whole week. They had another guy with a camera that I don't think skated going up to parents at demos going "what do you think of skateboarding?" and Vans intended to make a documentary of some sort. I thought the outcome could only be embarrassing and amateur and I'd just done the No War For Heavy Metal documentary for Channel 4 and wasn't interested in repeating myself (wasn't I a diva!?) so I refused to edit the Vans one. I don't think they ever did anything with the footage at all.

Anyway, I made this just for myself at the time. It has several things wrong with it. Coldplay for one! Hey, I didn't know they would become one of those bands that everybody hates and I quite liked that tune at the time. Ok, ok - I'm a fag.

It has some sick shit from Toddy, Channer and Pulman, who were on fire that week, and features cameos from Kingy, Snowy, Pin, Silvester and even Ben Powell. Police bank R.I.P!

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