12 August 2007

Summoning the ancients of doom...

The best thing ever to happen to me has just happened. I got a myspace message from Dagon from Inquisition. I don't need to add exclamation marks after that to enhance the importance of it. I know nobody apart from French will understand but you should know that I am beyond psyched.

I got a friend request from Inquisition earlier in the evening (they added ME!) and so I replied saying I was a huge fan and thanked them. They found me because of a video clip I filmed of them from a gig a couple of years back and posted online. Anyway, Dagon replied with this message...

Yes, I found you exactly because of that video. Your comment on there about nothing being more cult than one light onstage was simply funny as fuck... awsome brother.
I go on here searching for Inquisition supporters so I can later add them and this way keep them informed about what happening within the temple of Inquisition.
I used to be totally against this myspace thing, as many of us were at one time, and later I realized that I was letting this free propaganda machine pass by us while others took advantage of it well.
It always gives me a true sense of greatness and when I read words of support as yours. This is exactly why Inquisition will never change. Our formula of a basic, straight forward approach to the Devils music is something we want and many others as well want in a day in age when the spirit has sidetracked from those basic elements.

Take care and see you sometime, we will be in your area sometime again brother.
Hail Satan,

You can imagine my chesire cat grin when I opened that! All other music can fuck off - Inquisition are the most ridiculously evil band in the world and I'm going to build a pyre outside and burn all the other records I own. I'm going to burn French's too, he's out. He won't mind - he feels the same as me.


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