19 October 2007

Skullfucking Armageddon.

I finally, after waiting about 100 years, got to see Impiety the other night. They played with Watain (more on them in a minute) at the Fridge in Brixton - 2 minutes from my old flat! Typical!

Anyway, they were fucking crushing and anyone who doesn't think so is a total homme-lord who likes balls near his face.

Watain on the other hand...I don't even know where to start. French and I left after half of the first song. They've turned into Cradle Of Filth with all kinds of stage props and pyros. It was so gay. Bearing in mind they started life named after a Von song. SO lame.

And Tuesday was the Nike video premiere. Nugget got started with the bro-mance before we even got to the cinema.

And Tura was in the hiz-ouse! Bonnet du Douche!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! This made me laugh so hard. P-Rod must have been psyched to meet DT.

Not to be outdone I got one of me with Danny Supa. We talked about the Wu-Tang for a bit. I think he liked my 'tache.

Tozer showed up.

Dan shows his appreciation for the DJ dropping that Peter, Bjorn and John tune.

All I said was "look what that says!!!" - I didn't expect this!

Told you Nugz was a hugger.

Mind you, so is Joel. I think I had him on my back for a bit on the dancefloor.

Awwww Hops! The post snog glow.

Mall grab.

The flash fucked this up...

...It was a dick with one ball! Sick!

Found some left over Berlin snaps.

And what's at the top of the Reichstag? A skate spot, obviously. Might be a bust though.

So might the monument to murdered WW2 jews. Shame - it's the mother of all ledge spots.

And this is the site of Hitler's bunker. It's buried now under the grass and the car park. Have you seen Downfall? It's dope.

Black metal "The Opera"??

Oh, and here's some video of Necros Christos from Berlin too. They smashed it.

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