10 October 2007

Shoes on my feet - Alf Garnett.

In Berlin I hung out with these Italian dudes who had this metal drinking club thing.

Here's me with Ryan from Conqueror/Blasphemy and his bird Sarah. I'm officially a pro-ho.

Italian Larry (well, I thought he looked like Larry anyway.)

Bestial Raids.

Blasphemophager. They finished up with Sex, Drinks and Metal by Sarcofago and this dude Pete Thownsend'd his bass (that doesn't mean he looked at child porn with it).

This is how I feel inside.

Grave Miasma.



Necros Christos. They pretty much blew everybody else out of the water. Hard to think of a better death metal band around today.

I wonder why the British embassy has a street closed off around it with security checks at either end? It can't be anything to do with us being the world's (second?) biggest cunts? Can it?

Infinity scares the shit out of me.

So I went to see what's left of the wall.

Nobody ever tells you it's actually a bank-to-wall!

Notice how the east Germans got the side you can skate. They did build it after all.

And I think this is the only bit of the secondary wall that's left. Imagine jumping the first one and being faced with another one. Not to mention the guard dogs and blokes with machine guns.

Great name for a band.

I went to the Zoo. This lion threw a right tantrum and roared really loud, it was gnarly. He ate his meat and then wanted to get in to the females cage but the door was locked. He was like "Right I've had my tea, now I wanna fuck!"

I beat this Tiger in a staring competition. I won. Pussyole!

Throughout the zoo there were little cobbled bowls in the cages. The animals would need at least 59's to shred these things, they're far too rough.

Far more eyecatching than any big cat is German fashion.

Look at her husbands face - he's saying "Yeeeeeah, you like my frau huh? She looks hot shit in blue!"

They have a statue of Robin from Cleveland/Stockton/where ever it is.

Fos - this is what I need for filming lines.

Best art I've ever seen. French take note.

They had LFA in Titus.

And a fucking fingerboard park outside.

I know, if you're bald but you've got one long dread why not wrap it round your head so you look like a turd?

I don't know what "Wanker" was but I wish I'd bought it.

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Adam said...

I have a 'Club Alcolisti Millenari' patch. I was inducted as an honorary member when I desecrated Italy last year, which involved me climbing onstage during Blasphemophagher's set, grabbing the microphone and calling the crowd homosexuals.

Oh, the hilarity.

Oh, and Rinaldo bought that shitty bass months ago, purely to smash it up at this gig. What a poser.