05 October 2007


Oh shit! I'm in Berlin and it's stingin'! I've come to see the gig of the year/decade/ever - Necros Christos, Sadomator, Grave Miasma, Proclamation, Blasphemophager and Bestial Raids. ALL IN ONE NIGHT!! I know that means a nice round fuck-all to most of you but believe me - it's like Skynrd, ZZ Top and Billy Ray Cyrus all playing together if you were a redneck. Or maybe Gloria Gaynor, Erasure and Kylie together if you're a bum enthusiast.

Anyway, I've been knocking about with some italian lads who'v come from Rome for the gig and last night we went to the Access bar which has to be the single best metal pub in the known world - better than the shitty Cro-bar, better than the Underworld on a good night and maybe even better than Megaforce (Osaka, R.I.P.). In there were members of Proclamation, Sadomator (who were good lads and smoked old man's pipes!) and I met Ryan from Conqueror/Blasphemy. I was like "Hey you're mates with Sam Mckinley (Barrier Kult) right?" and him and his girlfriend were straight away "No way! You know Sam? We gotta take your picture!!" It was sick. I have pictures to upload too when I get back to Blighty.

Anyway the gig/apocalypse is tonight so wish me luck. If the world ends I'll be right in the epicentre. This stupid german keyboard is doing my head in - it's like qwertz instead of qwerty with all sorts of other quirks and isn't doing my hangover any good at all.

Auf weirdersehn bitches!

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