10 December 2007


I'll start, as I do fairly often, with some graffiti for the connoisseurs of the activity. Bristol Temple Meads station - "ARSE", 2007, white paint, artist unknown.

This weekend I went to All Tomorrow's Parties at Butlin's in Minehead...

...with him, her, him....

...him again, her and her.

The festival was "curated" by Portishead. That means the organisers would suggest some bands to them and Portishead would go "Who?" and the organisers would say "What? You've never heard of The Flying Dingleberry's?" and Portishead would be like "No" and then feel kind of square and let the organisers pick whoever they wanted.

Thurston Moore was there so Jonno and some of the other Worthing nerds would have fagged out on him. I missed his solo set but saw this 10 guitar thing he took part in.

Keeping in shape at a festival is key.

I realise that my taste in art (and it IS art) might be a little highbrow for some people. I should maybe buy a marker pen myself one day and contribute to the scene I've loved for so long.

Obviously we spent most of our time staggering like toddlers on lighter gas around the festival missing all the acts but when we did give an artiste our undivided attention we were well rewarded. Seasick Steve was by far the highlight. Shitkicking blues performed on guitars with only 3 strings, some tiny practice amp and a cigar box he stamped his foot on. He had several thousand people totally captivated with equipment he told us totalled at $129.00. It didn't even matter when he snapped a string, in fact it was all part of the charm. Ruler.

The other highlight was seeing the GZA perform Liquid Swords in it's entirety. When he came on a mate of Gavin's apparently said he must have wanted to say "Good Evening white people!" but in actuality he said "Yo Minehead what's up!?!" Both equally funny.

This was an attempt for Teresa and Matt to get into Portishead for the second night running - it didn't work.

Soy was there.

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