03 December 2007

"...Me sixty foot divan"

I love Bristol. Best thing that's happened recently was waking up with Rach very early in the morning as she was getting ready for work on friday and hearing some random outside singing (in a raw bristolian/farmer's accent) "It's 7'o'clock in the morning! And I'm going on the piss!" Whoever it was is my new hero.

The other day it was thanksgiving round Matt and Teresa's (yes they're American, they can't help it). It was my first thanksgiving and I ate 2 whole turkeys (at least it felt like I had) and gave lot's of thanks (mainly to our horned lord Sathanas).

We had to make hats - either turkeys or pilgrims. As you can see Matt's pissed on mine...

The turkey hats came out dope though.


Things started to get a little messy towards the end of the evening.

Few days later it was my birthday (why I'm still wearing the hat I don't know) and Rachel bought me a FUCKING GUITAR!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I have some lessons booked too apparently which might be useful seeing as I can't play a note! It's so sick - rad shape, good sound and Guy gave me a distortion pedal too! Give me a month and I'll smash it on the guitar!

The Sarge came down!

And Bilko!

And Steph!

And I got Butthead too, best game ever! Some of the following photos were taken by Ian Wilkinson, a real renaissance man.

Like this one of Bruce and the lovely spread we put on. Notice the mini-sausage and cheese'n'pineapple "hedghogs".

It's important to note that thanks to Bruce mustaches became the theme of the night. Those who could shave one in did so while others went for the eyeliner pencil. Click 'ere for a slide show with photos by Bilko.

Then we went bowling, unoriginal I know but I am 33 and my imagination isn't what it used to be.

The ladies of Lane 1.

The ladies of lanes 2-3.

The mandatory late night visit to the pub over the road...

...where random old codgers will harass you.

And even some young ones (who totally failed to impress Rachel).


By the end of the night Steph and I had swapped shirts. No, I don't know why either.
Thanks for coming out y'all!


Troy Childs said...

Alright Allan. I'v been reading your blogs for the last year or so and this is best so far! Just letting you know!

Alan Glass said...

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