31 December 2007

Sale adverts on telly MUST DIE!

Even with the fear of looking like one of those shit TV shows with the z-list pundits giving you hilarious anecdotes about how they recall the greatest 100 numbers between 1 and 100 here's my top 3's of the year. Or 4 when I couldn't make my mind up...

Top 3 presents.
Distortion pedal.

Top 3 movies.
The Lives Of Others.
Eagle vs. Shark.

Top 3 records that aren't metal.
Bjork - Volta.
Errr...I didn't buy many others.

Top 3 gigs.
Ozzy at Wembley!
Nuclear Gathering Of The Legions Of Doom in Berlin.
Black Witchery/Archgoat/Proclamation at the Electrowerkz.

Top 3 metal records.
Inquisition - Nefarious Dismal Orations.
Ride For Revenge - The King Of Snakes LP.
Sadomator - Goat's Brew Alcolust LP.
Necros Christos - Triune Impurity Rites.

Top 3 skate vids/parts.
Traffic video.
Rick McCrank in the Es vid.
Nate Broussard in Static 3.

Top 3 dope things to happen.
Moving to Burzle.

Top 3 dope things happening next year.
My wedding!
My Bloody Valentine gigs! I have tickets!!!
The slim possibility of finishing the Landscape video.

OK, OK so I've run out of ideas already but I tried. It's only because my fucking digital camera is still being fixed that I have to come up with these new ways of wasting your time by visiting my site. French and Kloakius are coming down tomorrow for NYE so after the alcoholocaust of doom I might get round to updating this in about 6 months.

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