08 April 2008

Between the click of the light and the start of the dream.

"OK, so now we've finished making the bank-to-wall I can't help feeling something's missing... Oh yeah! Pass me that marker pen!"
"Make sure it's got black jizz coming out of it"
"Of course dude, this isn't my first one!"
"And hair on the balls!"

A professional job. Somebody even wrote my name next to it.

Rogie came down for a few days. He speaks now and everything. It's weird.

Rach's sister came down with her band. Her instrument is bigger than her.

Our house had about 10 French jazz musicians in it.

It was like Jazz Club off the Fast Show. Contemporary!

Rach's band played a stormer. Afterwards it was party time.

And on Sunday we went down to the farm to see about wedding arrangements and look at the rooms again. It snowed! It better not do that on the day.

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