08 April 2008

Satan fertile, woman's egg, need to cut her own skin.

So I thought I'd boast about the record that finally arrived - after 2 fuckin' months! It's the picture disc of the Proclamation/Teitanblood split from a couple of years back. 2 huge posters and a shirt I've just done the gardening in.
Trouble is - I got carried away. Taking pictures of one record just turned to be too much fun so I did all the others too (just the metal mind - if I got into the My Bloody Valentine, Smiths and Wu-Tang I'd be up all night).
It was just nice to see them out seeing as they sit on a shelf for 95% of their lives. I realise I've plumbed new depths of nerdyness but so be it - I'm a dork. I raise my hand.

Anyway, I stopped before I got to the CDs and had to put Nifelheim on to coax me out of my photographic trance. So, boys and girls, here are all (well, most) of the records I'm not allowed to put on when guests are round (unless I'm drunk and Rachel is out).

Oh and French and Kloakius - you inherit these when I expire. I'm not saying who gets what - I'll enjoy watching you bicker as I look up from Hell!

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